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Nude Compression Tights - 130 Denier

Nude Compression Tights - 130 Denier

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Our firm support tights can increase blood circulation in the legs by applying pressure to the blood vessels. This allows venous blood from the lower limbs to flow upward and into the heart, relieving weariness and discomfort, reducing swelling in the legs, and preventing varicose veins by reducing the pressure on the veins and venous valves in the lower limbs.

Step up your leg support game with our 130 Denier Compression Tights. These tights offer a higher level of support, making them ideal for individuals seeking enhanced muscle recovery or support during intense physical activities. The 130 denier fabric provides a perfect balance of durability and elasticity, ensuring a snug fit that stays in place. Experience the benefits of improved blood circulation and reduced muscle fatigue while enjoying the ease of wearing these supportive tights.

  • Energizes tired legs with a revitalizing massage
  • Perfect for people who stand or sit a lot  (cabin crew, nurses, salesperson etc)
  • Provides desirable graduated compression for an active lifestyle and sports
  • Suitable for everyday use (no prescription required)

*If your measurements fall in between two sizes on our size chart, we recommend choosing the larger size. This allows for a more comfortable fit and ensures the compression is effective without feeling overly tight or restrictive.

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